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Check out all the services you need to restore, repair, improve, upgrade or research your Colt SA.  Antique First Gen's are the house speciality, but all Colt SA's are welcome.  We purchase antique and modern Colt SAA's

For those of you who are into our great Western history, you will periodically find comments and stories about various characters who actually used single actions during their lifetimes.  There are many fascinating chapters in the lives of these men that have never been told.  Click on the Western history links to find them.

If you need repair or restoration on Colt Model 1877 Lightning's, or Colt Model 1878, 1889, and 1892 double actions, contact my brother Sal.  He is an expert on them and his work has NO EQUAL. 

Contact Sal at 440-526-7265.  Call us for shipping instructions, or Email us by using the buttons here on your left.    

Early restored Ainsworth Cavalry.  Find more photos of restored Colts in the photo section on the button bar .
This is our 25th year working full time on these fine old Colts, and it has been a pleasure serving all our loyal friends and customers.  We are fully endorsed by Colt Mfg. and John Kopec as the most authentic Colt SAA restoration and repair shop in the USA.  

We buy and trade fine antique Colt SAA's as well, especially black powder frame, early versions of U.S. military and civilian weapons.  When you decide to part with one or the whole collection, we would love an opportunity do business with you
Award wining 2000 Colt show display
               "Most Educational"

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A beautifully restored 1878 double action by Sal Lanara in authentic blue. Colt records verify "OMNIPOTENT" marked and shipped to B. Kittridge & Co. in 1880.............................
Please give us a call if you have for sale Single Action Colts, 1877 and 1878 DA colts made before 1898, Colt cartridge conversions, Colt parts or Sharps and Winchester rifles and items associated with these arms.

Shipping address: 3968 Turnberry Drive, Medina, Ohio 44256  330-952-0031 shop, 216-780-3729 mobile.  
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 My path was chosen long ago....
Award winning OGCA  2005  J.P. Lower display "Best Theme, Most educational, and Judges choice"
Award winning CGCA  J.P. Lower
        Display, Denver, 2007                          "Judges choice"
I will buy any and all J.P. Lower related items from
all periods of his life.  Call before you auction, I will pay the highest market prices in cash.

CAUTION!  There many fake J.P. Lower stamped Colts, Winchesters, Sharps and others circulating in the market.  Call me to discuss or send a close up of the mark for authentication.  
Restored "OMNIPOTENT" M 1878
The Custer Colt prototype.  Click the picture for an enlarged view.
Note:  We are not accepting full SA restoration work for 5 months but will do small jobs. Call for time slots if you have a project. 2/15